Summer Bucket List

I was on Pinterest the other day and ran across a bunch of posts about summer bucket lists. I love the idea of having one, so the children and I decided we were going to come up with our own. At first we thought we would use the clothespin and bucket idea, but then my son suggested doing something with magnets instead. This is what we came up with.

I hot glued to button magnet to the back of the bucket (we bought at Michael's) and printed up the list below on a piece of ProMAG Color-A-MAG (magnetic paper; also purchased at Michael's). Then we cut the list out and placed it on the fridge. Now every time we do an activity from our list we place it in the bucket. I save the extra strips of magnets in case the kids came up with anything else they wanted to do this summer. That way they could just write it down on a strip and add it to the bucket when finished. The kids love it and brother is nice enough to help sissy when it's her turn.

Here is our summer bucket this:
  1. Create a Summer Bucket List
  2. Nature Walks and Journals
  3. Nature Color Palette
  4. Hunt for and Identify Bugs
  5. Go Swimming
  6. Slip and Slide
  7. Run Through the Sprinklers
  8. Make Popsicles and have a Popsicle Party
  9. Have a Pajama Party
  10. Have a "Super" Pajama Party
  11. Visit the Library
  12. Tour a Firehouse
  13. Have a Picnic in the Park
  14. Go to the Zoo
  15. Go to the Aquarium
  16. Visit a Museum
  17. Have Sunset Tea
  18. Have a Paper Airplane Contest
  19. Go to a Movie
  20. Have a Dress Up Photo Shoot
  21. Go on a Night Exploration with Flashlights
  22. Have a Dr. Seuss Day
  23. Make a Time Capsule
  24. Take Canned Goods/Food to a Church
  25. Go on a Road Trip
  26. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  27. Paint with Objects, Fruits and Veggies
  28. Visit a Relative
  29. Write a Series of Letters to Someone
  30. Explore a New Place/City
  31. Make Snow Globes
  32. Tell Silly Spooky Stories in the Dark with a Flashlight
  33. Eat Non-Finger Foods with Our Fingers
  34. Play a New Form of Hopscotch
  35. Have a Family Game Night
  36. Have a Pool Noodle Obstacle Coarse
  37. Write a Story
  38. Make Bird Feeders
  39. Create Summer Journal Scrapbook
  40. Make a Craft
  41. Relax for a Day
  42. Have a "Mad Scientist" Day
  43. Make a Piece of Artwork
  44. Visit the Cliff Dwellings
  45. Find a New Way to Play with Bubbles
  46. Watch a Thunderstorm and Drink Hot Cocoa
  47. Play in the Rain
  48. Find New Things to do with Sidewalk Chalk
  49. Make Puppets and Have a Puppet Show
  50. Have a Tea Party
  51. Plant Something New/Different
  52. Make a Pool Noodle Obstacle Coarse
  53. Learn Something New about Nature
  54. Build Something with Lego's
  55. Play with Play-Doh
What does your summer have in store for you and your children? Did you do a bucket list? If so, how did it work out?


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