Church Food Donation

I feel it is very important for my children to understand that it is better to give than to receive. Cliche I know, but true. We hardly ever throw things away. Old clothes and shoes go to the local clothing drive out here in CO, while toys and other items that are still in good condition go to the Good Will. We also donate to Toys4Tots and the Salvation Army every Christmas. We give randomly throughout the year. Today we dropped off canned and boxed goods at a nearby church that has a food bank every two weeks.

For those of you who feel it is important to teach your children about giving I would recommend giving this a try. We explained to my daughter what all the food was for and why it was going to the church. We quietly walked in and dropped everything off. The kids helped carry the food to the pantry and when we left the kids were jumping up and down in the parking lot because they were so excited about what they had done for someone else. What a great summer activity for the kids!


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