A Trip to the Aquarium

We had a great day at the aquarium the other day. The kids loved seeing all the different fish and mammals. Plus, it was a great way to educate the kids.
We had lunch first and discussed differences between fish and mammals, the zones of the sea, the food chain and much more before heading into the aquarium. 
 We got to see some cool jellyfish. Some where upside down, some were glowing and some were flat looking. We even talked about bioluminescence.
 They really liked the sharks and stingrays (we got to pet and feed the stingrays later) and the big fish.
 My daughter was fascinated by the mermaid show (which made for a great opportunity to discuss mythological creatures).
They enjoyed learning about mammals and getting to control the underwater dive camera.
And they loved the flash flood simulator so much, we ended up seeing it three times.


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