Sidewalk Chalk Games

Yesterday the kids and I had an outdoor, all day, type of a day. One of things we decided to do was play with sidewalk chalk. There are a ton of different ways to make this fun, especially for the older kids. We took a few ideas from here:
These are some of the things we tried with our sidewalk chalk.

The kids drew a map of the front yard. When they were finished they each put an X on a spot they would bury treasure and then turned our font yard map into a treasure map.
 We drew a maze and the children took turns walking through the maze to get from start to finish.
 We started by drawing a 10' x 10' grid on the driveway. They each picked a corner to start in. The object of the game is to move one square at a time and put an X in the square when you leave it. This means no one else can go in that square. You can move any direction you want as long as there are no X's in the squares, but you can only move one square at a time. The person who wins is the one who can still move after the other players are blocked in.
 We drew a board game on the sidewalk as well. The children had to a choice between questions that worth one square or two. The questions worth two squares where harder, but they really enjoyed the game. We also made a snail hopscotch. They really got a kick out of that one.

This was definitely a fun way to get out of the house and spend the day, not only being active, but creative as well. I really recommend this one to all parents.


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