Nature Walk #1 and the Start of the Nature Journal

The children and I went on out first nature walk of the summer. They each took a bucket with them and collected leaves and flowers along the way. Our nature walk took us over a small bridge and under a bigger bridge. The children came up with stories about the bridges. I thought my son's story was the most creative. He said that when you walked under the bridge you went into the past and when you went over the bridge you went to the future. From there he went into to detail. Both kids said they would want to go to the future themselves. We walked for about an hour (I took pictures of the kids) and had a great time.

Once we got home we glued our pictures and plants into our nature book. Each child got to pick one photo, they liked the best, to glue into their book. I have to say that summer is starting to look up. Especially since there wasn't much to do while the kids were sick the first couple weeks. Glad things are getting better. SUMMER HERE WE COME!

Did you take your kids on a nature walk this summer? Will you? Where will you go and what will you find?


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