Halloween Handprint Canvas Artwork

It has definitely been a while since I have been on here. So much has been going on. Between homeschooling, babysitting, and a brand new addition to our family, I have been quite busy. But now I'm back... with a vengeance. LOL. That being said I am glad to be back and ready to post our holiday crafts. Let's get started shall we.

You will need:

1 - 8x10 white canvas
1 - 5x7 white canvas
1 -5x7 black canvas
2 - sponge brushes
1 - smaller paint brush
1 - bottle Fabri-Tac glue
1 - bottle Jewel-It glue
1 - jar matte Mod Podge
1 - black acrylic paint
1 - orange acrylic paint
1 - purple acrylic paint
1 - white acrylic paint
1 - lime green acrylic paint
2 - spools of 5/8" ribbon (your color choice)
2 - spools of 7/8" ribbon (your color choice)
6 - googley eyes
stapler (with staples)

Note: I did this project for 3 kids so you will see more canvases than mentioned.

Step 1: Paint the white 5x7 canvas purple. You may want to go a shade or two darker than I did.

Step 2: Paint the white 8x10 canvas orange. Let dry.

Step 3: Paint the palms and fingers of your child's hands black. (DO NOT paint the thumbs). Press your child's palm in the center of the 8x10 canvas with the fingers pointing up. Turn canvas and press your child's other palm on top of the previous, with fingers pointing up.
Step 4: Paint your child's foot green and press it onto the purple canvas.
Step 5: Paint your child's other foot white and press it onto the black canvas. Let paint dry.

Step 4: Cut the 7/8" ribbon of your choice into two 8.25 inch pieces and two 10.25 inch pieces. Add Mod Podge to the border of the orange canvas AVOIDING THE CORNERS! Lay the ribbon in place.
Step 5: Cut the 5/8" ribbon of your choice into two 5.25 inches and two 7.25 inch pieces. Add Mod Podge to the border of the purple canvas AVOIDING THE CORNERS! Lay the ribbon in place.
Step 6: Cut the next pieces of 5/8" ribbon into the same sizes at the ones in step 5. Follow the glue procedure from the previous two steps.

Step 7: CAREFULLY lift the corners of ribbon and make a diagonal cut. This will help the corners line up and look nice. It doesn't have to be perfect. It is just a nice touch.
Step 8: Glue down ribbon at the corners and Mod Podge over all the ribbon.
Step 9: Add extra embellishments to the painting. Glue on googley eyes and paint on mouths. Add neck bolts to Frankenstein's monster, a spider web to the corner of the spider canvas and a message (i.e. Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween, etc.) or the child's name at date at the top of the spider canvas. I did names and dates.

Step 10: Line up the canvas how you want it and than flip it over. Then add a dot of Fabri-Tac glue to the top, center of the first 5x7 canvas and dot of glue directly above it to the 8x10 canvas. This is where the ribbon will be attached to hang the smaller canvases.

Step 11: Pull lower canvases down to desired distance between top canvas and cut 2 pieces of the 7/8" ribbon. Seal the ends carefully, using the lighter. Use this ribbon to attach the lower canvases to the top canvas. Then secure with staples.

Step 12: Cut one more piece of the 7/8" ribbon used in the step above to form a loop. Using Fabri-Tac glue and a staple or two attach it to the center of the top canvas.

When the glue has finally dried you can flip it over and gaze at your wonderful new artwork. Hang the canvas up and show it off to all of you friends. I really hope you enjoy making this as much as the kids and I did. Since my youngest is only 9 months old she wasn't able to hold hers up and show it off for you, but my niece and daughter were.


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