December Busy Bags

I know that it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but life gets hectic sometimes. However, all that aside, I come baring goodies! These are the busy bags that I have put out for December. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Coloring pages: I tuck coloring pages into the front pocket of the busy bags binder for the kids.

2. 3-Part Nomenclature Cards: For the month of December I chose to use the birth of Jesus 3-part cards that I found at 1+1+1=1.
3. Melty Bead Designs: I find melty bead kits at Michael's all the time. They are only $1.00 a kit and make a great work for busy bags. I just don't melt the bead and this way the children can create the designs year after year.

4. Wooly Willy Magnet Works: This is another one of those great finds at Michael's for only $1.00 and they make them for all seasons and holidays. Great work.

 5. Lacing: For December I used a digital scrapbooking kit that I got from DigiCats and printed up three of the elements. I cut them out, laminated them and punched holes in them. Viola! Lacing work.
6. Sweeping: I used left over holly leaves and twigs that came from a flower sorting and wreath work. We have cleaning kit that the kids use to do window washing and sweeping with. They simply scatter the leaves on the floor, sweep them into a pile and then into the dust pan. From there they can place them in the busy bag. Just make sure your floor is clean, so you don't end up with dirt or food in the bag. :)


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