Summer Surpise Dessert

It has been so hot outside lately that we decided to have an indoor day and cook. My kids were given the task of figuring out what they wanted to eat for dinner and dessert. When all was said and done they headed off to the store with their Nana and Tia to pick up the supplies. As always we let them cook/make the food. How fun. And it is really rewarding for the kids to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Here is what dessert my kids came up with.

Summer Surprise Dessert
  1. Use a clear plastic cup to for layering the dessert
  2. Use a moist chocolate cake (crumbled) for the first layer
  3. Mix pudding and whipped cream (we made our own) to create a mousse
  4. Layer mousse on top of cake
  5. Follow by a layer of strawberries and bananas
  6. Next smooth out a layer of whipped cream
  7. Finally, decorate the top of the dessert with strawberries and bananas (my kids made flowers)
  8. Top with homemade or store bought carmel sauce
They came up with dessert on their own and had a great time making it. We also let them help out with making the dinner (of course) which made it a wonderful meal for everyone. It was the perfect indoor activity to keep them busy for hours and teach them about cooking, baking and how certain flavors blend well together. I really hope you try this at home.


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