Prayer Journal

We found some really cute prayer journals at Wal-Mart today. We were looking for something nice to write our prayers in and I figured we would get some composition notebooks and make our own. Imagine my surprise when I walked by huge display, in the middle of the main walking isle, full of Bibles, inspirational books based on the word of God and prayer journals! I couldn't help myself. I got on for my son and daughter and even purchased one for myself. This is going to be our new morning routine. I can't wait to start tomorrow. My daughter was so excited she wanted to start right away. So, I let her start her journal today. What a good job she did. We read the verse at the bottom and discussed what it meant. She had a really good time with it.


  1. im using this one!! great idea .. i love it!!!

    1. They love it and I let them thank God for whatever they want to thank Him for. Jules love to thank Him for family and friends.

    2. so does dani.... she is really into saying prayers .. a lot more these days than ever.. i love you blogs .. never stop lol


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