Paper Plate Portholes

This a fun project to do with your children when you are studying the marine biome or ocean. I actually got this idea from:
and couldn't wait to try it with my daughter. We did things a little differently although we used the same concept. We took the time to go online and look up different levels of the ocean and then print out pictures of animals you would see in the different pelagic zones of the ocean. Here is what we came up with. Enjoy!

Start by cutting the center out of five paper plates and painting the back silver.

Using different textured brushes and rollers (or whatever you have on hand) have your child paint a coral reef on the inside of a paper plate.

Print out three or more fish that are commonly found in each pelagic zone and cut them out.

Glue fish from each pelagic zone onto a different paper plate.

Example: Great White Shark, Bottle Nose Dolphin and Butterfly Fish are all found in the Epipelagic Zone, so they should be glued to the paper plate with the coral reef painted on it.

Gulper Eel, Vampire Squid and Monk Fish are found in the Bathypelagic Zone, so they should be glued onto a separate paper plate.
Cut out five pieces of blue cellophane and glue them to the inside of the paper plates that were painted silver earlier. Glue a silver plate to the top of a plate that has the fish glued onto it (insides together). Use puffy paint, painted cereal or whatever you have available and create bolts on the outside of your porthole.

And there you have it. Five different portholes... one for each pelagic zone of the sea. Hope you guys like this project.


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