Paper Bowl Jellyfish

While on Pinterest, I came across this really cool post and decided to try it since it was an absolutely perfect project to go along with our Marine Biome unit. Here is the website for the project.
And here is how we made it.

Materials Need: White and hot glue, fishing line, googly eyes, paint (your choice of colors), ribbon and wired ribbon (colors corresponding to paint), and ric-rac ribbon (corresponding colors).
We started by painting the inside of a paper bowl and the outside of another paper bowl. 

Even Daddy joined in the fun!
While that was drying we took a bunch of ric-rac ribbon in long pieces and folded them in half and tied them together in the center with fishing line.
 We added googly eyes to the bowls we painted the outside of. Then, choosing ribbon that coordinated with our paint color, we glued ribbon around the outside of the bowls we painted on the inside. Then we took the two bowls we painted on the outside and used white glue (and a little bit of hot glue on the edges) to glue the two bowls together.
After poking a hole in the center of the bowls we threaded the remaining fishing line through so we could hang them.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this project as much as we did. I give big props to Lisa Storms for coming up with and sharing the idea. Very creative! And what a wonderful craft. We added it to our Cozy Corner decor.


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