Intro to Cooking

We got most of the child size utensils at Target, but you can go to the 99 cent store and by small utensils if you would prefer not to spend to much. I just could resist the cute ones we found while we were out.

Last night my husband and I were out shopping for some things for the house and we realized that it would probably be a good idea to teach our daughter the basics of cooking and food prep. Yes I know... she is only three. What can a three year old do in the kitchen? A lot! As long as it doesn't involve the stove and sharp objects (such as knives) she is pretty much on her way to ruling the kitchen. My husband and I picked up some cool child cooking utensils we found while we were out last night and introduced her to fun of making her own meals today. Then while searching my kitchen earlier I found a cute basket to hold all her special kitchen tools. Here is what we did:

She even washed her own dishes!


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