CD Fishy

I got this idea from and thought it would make a quick fun project for my daughter. I was right. She absolutely loved it.

 Supplies needed: CD, White Glue, Tissue Paper or Foam, Craft Jewels, Glitter, 1 Googly Eye, Paint Brush, Fishing Line and Hot Glue
 Start by cutting out any style tail and fins you want from the tissue paper or foam. We wanted a flowing tail so we chose tissue paper.
 Using the paint brush, spread white glue around the CD and then coat with glitter. 
 Let glue dry. When the glue is dry remove excess glitter and glue on the googly eye, craft jewels and on fin in the center.
Once the glue has dried flip fish over and glue on tail and top fin using white glue. You can also attach a fishing line loop with hot glue to hang the fish.


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