Window Art

My sister and I were at Michael's the other day when we ran across these fantastic markers made by Crayola. They are called Crystal Effects Window Markers and they are made for coloring on windows, but when they dry they crystallize. We thought... oh how fun would that be if they really worked. We could do all sorts of crazy things with those... well they worked and we did. If you have children I would definitely suggest picking these up. They were so fun that even my sister, her husband and myself joined in the fun. Check out what we did.

These things were so much fun!
My sister turned her husband into an Irish man, while I transformed my daughter.
We doodled all over the window!
My daughter practiced writing her name...
and she even did a little math.
My sister even left an "I love you" message for my daughter when she left.

If your children love to color or you love to find new and creative ways to teach them, then these markers are a must try. My daughter absolutely loves them... and clearly so does everyone else!


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