Where to work?

As I said in my first post, my husband and I have only been doing this for a few months. We have been teaching her from a very young age whatever we could with the time we had. Luckily for us we also had the help of my wonderful parents and sister. When I was working she was at home with either my father or my husband (depending on his work schedule). I worked at a Montessori school for two years and really wanted to incorporate some of the learning style into our daily lives. So... off I went to spend what money I could on transforming our basement into a work/craft area. Not an easy task on a limited budget, but the more I came up with creative learning tools the more fun we had teaching her with them. About two years ago my husband got a job out of state. With this new job I was able to stay home and with daughter. It was at this time that we began spending a lot of time in the basement work area and I realized "I don't want to put my child in public school... I want to teach her at home." My husband and I discussed it in passing and continued to educate her the best we could.

Then a couple months ago we made it official. My daughter is still too young for school (she turns 4 next month) but I believe we have a done a great job so far. The more we started to work with her the less we found we used the basement set up. It is much easier to do work in the living room, dining room or on the kitchen counters. Most of our day is spent in one of these three places. We go downstairs to do our work when we are doing a craft that requires painting or if I am scrapbooking or crafting. The rest of the time is spent in the main area of the house.

I have been reading a lot of homeschooling blogs lately and noticed that some families prefer to have a room for studies while others simply took the learning anywhere in the house that they needed to be. My suggestion to anyone who is just starting out with homeschooling is to just see where it takes you. Don't stress yourself out with worrying about it. You may find that you prefer to use a room/area for working or you may prefer to do the work anywhere you are in the home at the moment. You may also find that you prefer both such as I do. If you don't have enough space in your house for an entire room, but would really like a separate quiet area for work, you could try making a small space in or near your living room, dining room or any place there is small nook or space. Then you could use some great organization ideas you can find almost anywhere on the Internet.

Have fun and happy homeschooling!


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