My First Blog

Hey guys. I am new to blogging, but I will do my best. I decided to make this blog for a number of reasons. I love to scrapbook, craft, sew on occasion and (my favorite by far) home school my daughter. When my husband and I decided to start homeschooling her a few months ago the best things I found to help me out with it were blogs. I loved all the great info and help I received. It was then that I started talking about starting my own blog. Now... here I am.

My life is a bit chaotic, but all around wonderful. I have lots of great storage tips and craft ideas. I have some really good lesson plans and learning games. I love to sing with daughter and teach her all I can. I promise if I get an idea from you (whether I twist it to make it my own or not) I will give you full credit for the original idea and concept. I will do my best to blog as often as possible and share any new ideas with you guys.

With all that said, I hope you like the blog and I welcome any and all ideas to help me make it better (as long as your suggestions are respect and constructive).


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