Hold on! Cause I'm about to GLOW YOUR MIND!

Not long ago I was on Pinterest looking for, new fun ways to educate my children when I came across a blog here at BlogSpot and I instantly fell in love with the passion these mothers had for finding new ways to teach their children through play. They come up with so many interesting ideas that I was hooked. I was instantly blown away by their "Adventure in the dark" and "Water Beads" posts and I just had to try some of their ideas. Here is the link to their blog if you would like to check them out. They really are worth it.
My daughter (3 yrs. old) loves the glowing water beads and since she was so excited to play with them all the time we decided to make our own glow station. Check out some of the things we put in ours. I hope it inspires you as much as Play At Home Mom LLC inspired me.

This is how our glow station is set up during the day when we are not using it. All of our stuff glows under a black light (the one attached to the wall with a rope). We usually wait for it to be dark since the light coming in from the windows is too bright.
This is what it looks like with the black light on.

 We have a tray with balls that light up when you bounce them, two fuzzy worms and a. We also have a bowl with glow beads (pink, green and yellow) and a measuring cup for scooping.
We also have a tray with glow water in different shaped glasses and extra, empty glasses for pouring (we love transferring works). There is also a bowl of neon beads and glow in the dark string for jewelry making. In the corner of the station we have a pinwheel, vase (with white flowers and yellow glow beads), a wand made with glow sticks and the a noise stick.

Last, but not least, we have glow sand and bottle to pour it in. There are also glow slates (for number and letter practice), glow paint, glowing silly string, glow glue (we made this by mixing glow paint and Elmer's white glue together) and glowing sea creatures. The pirate mask is for painting.

Most of the stuff you see on this table we purchased from the Dollar Tree or Michael's. I hope you like our glow station. We send all of our thanks to the wonderful women at Play at Home Mom LLC. Without you ladies we would never have even considered having something so cool in our home. As for everyone else I really hope you guys like the ideas. Check out the Play at Home Mom LLC blog and check out some of their wonderful ideas as well.


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